WELCOME to the South Pennines Sacred Trails, a set of walking and motorised routes through the northern half of the South Pennines  landscape renowned for the breathtaking beauty of its countryside, and taking in Places of Worship, museums, parks, high streets, railway stations, and miscellaneous other places of touristy interest along the way.

Envisaged in the medium to long term as an on-going work in progress – hopefully capturing the whole of the South Pennines area eventually – this early edition of the website essentially focuses on the famous Haworth village and its surroundings while also taking in one or two outer-lying areas, e.g. Oxenhope and Addingham. 

So, just sit back and relax in front of the   computer and partake in a feast for the eyes and the mind through stunning photographs and poignant write-ups of the histories of the places of worship – some just simple and functional artifices, others architecturally ornate and commanding, and still others now little more than forlorn and melancholy ruins from a bygone age.Alternatively, either download the content onto a mobile telephone/computer or print out the same when venturing out for the journey(s). Further guidelines for navigating through the website are located under the “How to use” and “Downloads/Links” buttons. 

This website is part of a pilot project entitled “Heritage Discovery through Places of evening dress” and has been financially supported through the LEADER (Liaison Entre Actions de Developpement de l’Economie Rurale).

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Haworth Village Trail
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Haworth Village Trail

Walking route of Haworth Village Centre taking in the main places of interest including places of worship. ExploreOpen Trail

  • Haworth Village

    Haworth Village

    Walking route of Haworth Village Centre taking in the main places of interest including places of worship. Explore Open Trail

  • Haworth Extended

    Haworth Extended

    A walk on Pennine Moorland taking in Bronte landmarks and places of worship in outlying villages. Explore Open Trail

  • Oxenhope


    Walking tour of Oxenhope taking in the main places of workship. electric scooter electric scooters

  • Other...


    Welcome to the Addingham Places of Worship trail. Its history going back to the early Bronze Age, Addingham now stands 3 miles south of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and also 3 miles west of Ilkley. Explore Open Trail

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